As coach, it’s important for me to understand how you view the world in general and yourself in particular.  Each person has a unique way of thinking and a unique way of interacting with those around him or her.

Answer each of these questions as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, expressing the best of who you are.  These are “pondering” questions designed to stimulate your thinking in a particular way that will make our work together even more productive.  Thank you.

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1. What do you want to make sure you get from the coaching relationship? Write 2 or 3 things that occur to you.

2. How do you want me to be as your coach? For example, assertive, interactive, cheerleader, etc.

3. What is one key thing you would like to improve. For example: "I'd like to improve my pre-race eating routine."

4. What changes might you like to see in 2018?

5. What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. What are your 3 key races for 2018? Please list in order of significance.

7. What other races would you like to compete in?

8. What are your individual goals for each discipline?

9. How many hours per week do you have to train and how many hours per day?

10. Any significant dates that will impact training in 2018? For example: Wedding, family holidays, etc.

11. What is your ultimate bucket list item? For example: Win Gold in Rio.

12. What were your personal bests in 2017?