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10 Giddy Up Reasons Why You Should Hire A Coach

Coaching is one of those things that a lot of people aren't sure about. Although most of the world's most successful people – from athletes to business people – have coaches to accelerate their success, you might still wonder how relevant a coach would be to your everyday life. What do coaches actually do, and how can they help you achieve your life's goals? Well, if you've found your way here then you're obviously at least curious, so here are 10 reasons why you need to hire a coach, and why working with me will transform your life.

1.     To help you step in the right direction

If you feel lost and directionless, you're not alone. Many people drift through life without much of a plan, not really knowing where they're heading. A coach can change all of that by helping you really focus and figure out your true purpose. Then, once you've got that ultimate goal in mind, working with a coach is the ideal way to plan out the small, manageable steps you need to take so you don't feel overwhelmed by the scale of the journey.

2.     To help you reach you reach your true potential

Perhaps you're plodding along just fine but not really hitting the high notes or achieving what you know you're capable of. Hiring a coach can help you get serious about the success you deserve to have, and motivate you to step it up a level to reach your true potential.

3.     To keep you on the straight and narrow path

Once you've worked out what you want and need from your life, your coach is there to help you get clear about your specific goals and keep you focused on what's really important. It's easy to feel daunted by dreams that feel too big and out of reach, or to be put off by mundane distractions, but a coach will help you break everything down and get focused on each individual step along your journey.

4.     To provide you with the tools to stay focused

If you already know roughly what you need to do to achieve your goals, but you're terrible for making excuses and putting it off, a coach will put an end to your procrastination. When you're only answerable to yourself, it's too easy to say "I'll do it tomorrow" – and we all know tomorrow never comes! A coach is there to be your conscience, providing a supportive nudge in the right direction and demanding answers when you let yourself down.

5.     Provide leadership 

Coaching accelerates your success, helping you get from point A to B faster than you could on your own – and save you the stress of having to figure it all out on your own. The benefit of your coach's knowledge and experience, plus the step-by-step plan they'll help you to build, can help you gain a real competitive advantage in business.

6.     To teach you how to coach yourself

When you've been struggling along on your own for a while, it's easy to become demotivated and lose confidence in your own abilities. By putting you back on the right path, hiring a coach also helps you to rediscover the confidence and motivation you need to make it happen.

7.     Provide mental strategies

All athletes have coaches to train their bodies, but what really sets sporting champions apart is their winning mindsets. Mind over matter really does count – not only in sport, but in work and life as well. If you want to win, you need to think like a winner – and a great coach will train your brain to do exactly that.

8.     To listen and communicate

One of the keys to unlocking your potential is gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, what makes you tick, and what blind spots might be holding you back. A coach can help you dig deeper into your own psyche and really analyse your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Once you truly understand yourself, you can work on becoming the person you need to become, in order to achieve the success that you desire.

9.     To fine tune your own leadership skills

Working with a coach will also help to hone essential leadership skills. The strategies you learn will not only make you a better listener, but also train you to adopt powerful questioning skills, which you can then apply to analysing business success, managing others, and implementing changes in both work and life. These traits are so important, whether you're leading staff within your own business, or aiming to get ahead as an employee.

10. To be a better you by creating heathlier choices

Finally, coaching can also hugely benefit your overall well-being. Whatever issues you're facing in life, working with your coach is all about putting you back in the driving seat and equipping you with the road map. You'll feel in control of your life again – so your struggles will become easier to handle, and you'll feel happier, more positive and supported, and confident about getting out there and pursuing your dreams.

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Athlete Testimonies

Sarah Reinnertsen-Paratriathlete

I am writing this recommendation for coach Michellie Jones, who has been coaching for over several decades.  I have been racing in triathlons since 2003 - and Michellie Jones, is by far, the best coach I’ve ever had in this sport.  I am happy that she now applying for USAT coaching certification so that many more triathletes can work with an amazing coach like Michellie to help them reach their triathlon goals. 

Michellie Jones is a very knowledgeable coach for both short course and long course triathlon, but I worked with her mostly in my endeavors as a Paratriathlete competing on the US team in the sprint distance race.  Michellie’s training programs made me faster and stronger in all 3 disciplines - shaving more than 10 minutes off my race time!  Her coaching style is unique for every athlete - she designs and customizes each training program so that the athlete can best strengthen their individual weakness.  She also would do many of the workouts with us, so she didn’t just give us a program she would run, bike or swim with us too. 

As a former pro triathlete, Michellie Jones, also provides an expertise on racing and preparation that I have never found in another coach.  Michellie Jones not only raced as a pro, she also raced as a Paratriathlon guide in the 2016 games, and continues to race an age-grouper - so she brings current and relevant race experience to her athletes.   As a member of the Australian Paratriathlon team, Michellie has had a unique opportunity to race and train with many different athletes with disabilities - and knows how to adapt workouts or training sessions for all athletes with and without disabilities.   Michellie Jones truly has a vast knowledge of triathlon, unparalleled to any other athlete or coach in the sport today.

Yours in sport,

Sarah Reinertsen

Jo Dillion-IM Finisher


I'm a normal everyday 40(something) woman. I didn't run varsity track, I didn't swim collegiate but, thanks to Michellie I AM an ironman. 

I came to Michiellie with only a year of triathlon experience and in the last 2 years have developed not only a much stronger base of fitness, I learned how to train, and I also learned how to race! 


Not only do I trust MJ to put together an effective 

Jason Karavidas

After evaluation of my goals and busy schedule with mixed distances and disciplines, Michellie helped me build a sound plan for 2017 success. From day 1, MJ guided my focus to build better strength and base endurance, ultimately resulting in run PR's for 1mile, 5K, 10K, and 1/2 marathon distances, as well as strong 70.3 results and a Team USA slot for ITU Duathlon Worlds. Throughout the season, Michellie provides an outstanding plan with honest, clear feedback that is critical to being self-aware as an athlete. Her insights and on-course experience continue to put me a great position and keep me fast and healthy.

Andrew Shore-Ironman Kona Finisher


Working with MJ the past 3 years, I’ve improved leaps and bounds. After 15 years of racing, I finally achieved all my lifelong goals including an overall victory and qualifying for Kona. MJ showed me how to train harder and push myself beyond what I thought was possible. The ability to share my thoughts with her and get nearly immediate feedback on any questions is something I truly cherish. With MJ by my side, I look forward to even greater things to come! Andrew Shore-Ironman World Championships Kona Finisher 

Diana Hassel- Ironman Kona Age Group Champion


I have sought out Michellie's coaching in preparation for 2 Ironman Hawaii's and 1 70.3 World Championships. Her plan always seems to work flawlessly for me as I have accumulated a 1st (IM Hawaii 2017), 2nd (IM Hawaii 2014) and 3rd (70.3 Worlds Australia) with her guidance and you can bet I will be seeking her advice in the future. Her many years of success in the sport as a professional and continued success now as a master's athlete gives her unique insight into optimizing preparation for an event.-Diana Hassel 2017 Ironman World Champion 50-54 

Ricardo Garcia-Ironman Kona Finisher


Michellie has redefined my fitness to the next level, with solid results. I’m very happy with Michellie’s coaching approach she keeps the right balance between tough exertion and controlled adequate recovers. Michellie always listen to feedback, and adjusts as needed. Most importantly, I value Michellie’s personality, no going around, always straight to the point, but with a deep feeling of friendship, that places and prioritize the person from the athlete-Ricardo Garcia 2017 Ironman World Championship 40-44