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Michellie Jones is the most decorated triathlete in the history of the sport, which most recently has included induction into the Australia Sports Hall of Fame, ITU Hall of Fame, and Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame.

Michellie has been coaching athletes for over 20 years, from elite age groupers to first-time Ironman finishers.

Ironman UCoach Michellie consistently shares her experiences with her athletes. Her passion for coaching is driven by the same determination that drove her professional career – the will to succeed.


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Michellie will provide you with not only the necessary workouts but also strategies to deal with pre-race jitters, nutrition, goal setting, and mental focus in a fun and supportive setting.

Coach Michellie’s philosophy is that triathlon is not just about
swim, bike, and run. It’s the small details that can make a difference. She has fine tuned the needs of triathletes by what she learned from specialty coaches over the years.

Michellie brings a unique perspective because she has raced across all distances and levels. She believes communication is more powerful in training than numbers. Her motto is to keep it simple. Giddy up!

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Michellie Jones Felt

​First, set goals.

Goals are motivation. Without them, there is no direction. Have different levels of goals to stay motivated throughout the season. It’s also important to have one following a major goal; athletes will fail to realize this and may fall into post-goal depression.

Second, identify strengths and weaknesses.

This is what sets an athlete apart from their competitors. Formulating a plan is essential for sucesss. In many cases, the discipline one practices least is the weakest. This should be a focus for making a weakness into a strength.

Finally, have a competitive advantage.

The details can prove an advantage because so many athletes have trained just as hard for race day. Coach Michellie has knowledge specific to set goals that prevent athletes from making mistakes or bad decisions to remain competitive.

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